Everest Enterprises Limited (EEL) - was incorporated on the 19th May 1988 to export fresh vegetables and fruits from Kenya.

Our goal then was, to positively, enrich the livelihoods of people and communities engaged by becoming the most trusted supplier/exporter of food ingredients from East Africa, KENYA.

Over the years, the company ventured in the production and export of flowers. Since then we have undergone various changes in shareholding, and different innovations have been introduced and adopted.

Because agriculture is a people business, the company strives to connect with small farmers in the industry to share knowledge, resources and grow together.

Limited ProductionFor Fruits

Through out the year, we aim to source and provide the widest range of locally sourced variety of fruit.

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New ReleasesFor Fine Beans

Bring your salads to life with our fresh fine beans all grown for the best possible flavour and delivered fresh from our own fields and grower friends.

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Truely KenyanVegetables

Seasonal vegetables, slowly grown for flavour & delivered fresh from the farm to your plate.

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Crafting, Farming, ProductionTelling our Story

Agriculture is constantly evolving, and we want to meet the challenges of a changing world by promoting continual education and training to build on not only our talents and development but new skills on the best use of available resources among the members of company’s value chain and its environs.

Growing, transportation, processing, packing and distributionOur Services

The company has concentrated its efforts in ensuring that it takes control over its products from growing, transportation, processing and packing and distribution to the customers at the right specification.

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