Passion Fruits

The fruit has been named after its flower which comes from one of the hundred species of the passion flower. Passion fruit is a type of berry which is sweet-sour, highly aromatic and seedy. It has varieties from purple passion fruit to yellow and golden one and also hybrids like the Kavery.

Scientific name

Passiflora edulis


Purple & Yellow


4—7.5 cm


35 grams Purple
80 grams Yellow


Nicola Farm, Chulu Farm

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Our notes


Passiflora edulis is a perennial vine; tendrils are borne in leaf axils, and have a red or purple hue when young. There are two main varieties: a purple-fruited type, P. edulis f. edulis, and the yellow-fruited P. edulis f. flavicarpa.


They are packed as pre packs in polythene bags or loose in cartons a per customer specification. The product can be packed either as green or red or a mix of both. The product is packed either as pre–pack or loose-pack in a polyethylene bag or cardboard box depending on customer requirements.