For a long time since inception, EEL – Everest Enterprises Ltd – has been known for it’s well organized and safe growing of raw materials which culminated to top quality end products. In terms of volume, quality and market share, Everest Enterprises Ltd ranked among the big 5 companies in the industry.

The step forward1990 - 1995

The vegetable farms expand, as we started growing our own vegetables. This led to the acquisition of the farms in Chulu and Maragua. Due to this expansion, Everest invested in their own Pack Houses in Maragua – Nicola. The expansion of the company via the farms helped us move from our warehouses in Embakasi to our own ultra modern farms and pack houses.

Expansion and Innovation2013

In it’s bid to reduce costs of production, be close to growing sites to enhance qualify of packed products, the company moved to Chulu farm in Timau-Meru in 2013 . The transition was in phases but by 2014, all operations had been relocated.

New house2013 - 2020

As Everest expanded in the early 2000s, we had the opportunity to re assess our facilities and upgrade them to ultra modern facilities. The company invested heavily in green houses, being one of our Unique Selling Points. Everest also invested in a flower pack house as we ventured further into the flower industry.


The world has changed, and Everest was not to be left behind. Everest Enterprises has now digitized and we, the team and our products can be found online. This is a move that was necessary as we modernized but most importantly, as the Covid pandemic became a reality.